Check out this report on the business community’s role in STEM education. Nutshell, the US Business community may be the only ones with enough clout to make a change. They suggest

  1. the business community promotes new models of schooling that can facilitate STEM learning (our RTM program!)
  2. Leveraging the power of technology (again, our RTM program!)
  3. Reimagining the schoolhouse (read blended learning: a hybrid model that blends traditional classroom instruction, real-time assessments, and customized, supplemental instruction in computer-based “learning labs”



“The United States has historically enjoyed astonishing success on most measures of accomplishment in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), even though international assessments repeatedly suggest that American students lag behind their peers in many nations when it comes to science and math achievement. But in an evolving world, the advantages that carried the United States through the past century appear far less likely to carry it through the next. With other nations making dramatic educational gains and challenging American supremacy in technology, finance, and research, our nation’s continued success requires dramatic improvement when it comes to educating our youth in math and science…

But this success has been more a function of a dynamic economy, entrepreneurial energy, robust partnerships between higher education and industry, an influx of highly skilled foreign nationals, and a wealth of investment capital than a refl ection of the quality of science and math education. Indeed, every few years a new international assessment suggests that American students lag far behind their peers in many
other countries when it comes to science and math achievement. We are arguably just as far behind when it comes to high achievers—just 6% of American students perform at the “advanced” level in math on the Program
for International Student Assessment (PISA) exam—a level far below that of many other advanced nations.”

Link to full report or download PDF (22MB)


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