This week marks the first (hopefully annual!) Computer Science Education Week. An
estimated 15 million students worldwide will take part in the Hour of Code, an international
push by and partner organizations to get students learning about the power of
coding. According to, nine out of every 10 schools don’t currently offer computer science

Algebra and computer science are totally intertwined – without a fundamental understanding
of algebra and variables, it’s hard to write an if statement or control how long a loop executes.
We Teach Science’s Remote Tutoring and Mentoring programs support students in this key area –
when only 1 in 3 students passes their end-of-year algebra test, it’s clear that many students
lack the foundational skills to begin to consider a career in computer science.

If you’re interested in getting your child or school involved in Hour of Code, there’s still time!
Check out the awesome resources at and to get started. Meanwhile,
We Teach Science participated in Hour of Code this week as well – check out our project, made
with the help of one of Codeacademy’s Hour of Code tutorials, here: Happy coding!


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