“The secret to cultivating strong youth and adult relationships is recognizing that youth are not just problems to be fixed but instead solutions to be cultivated.” Mae Thompson

We Teach Science believes that it is important to approach youth development from a strength-based view point. When approaching work with youth, we encourage our mentors to focus their student’s interests and meet them where they are. As Mae says above, it is important for us to realize that our youth are not broken, and therefore they do not need to be fixed. Rather it is our duty to cultivate them to become the best version of themselves.

Begin to cultivate a thriving youth relationship and become a mentor today!

This month’s asset is Caring Neighborhood Asset #4: Young person experiences caring neighbors.

To see how you can use the Assets in your neighborhood and with youth in your life, please see the reference below provided by Project Cornerstone in partnership with the Y.


This month of August we would like to recognize Mae Thompson saw all of the challenges facing her generation of teens and wondered how she could still be alive. Wanting to give a voice to teens she talks about how creating youth – adult partnerships is the key and explains the three principles of how to create those partnerships and help teens practice spreading their wings.

To view a TED Talk by Mae Thompson, where she explains the importance of youth and adult relationships click here


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