The research organization, SRI scrutinizes six popular algebra providers. EdSurge provided some analysis of the report. Interestingly, they noted that:

  • “Questions about what it means to be aligned to the Common Core become more pressing,” especially as “many nuances relating to the dimensions of rigor, focus, and coherence…remain to be worked out.”
  • “We didn’t see evidence that providers were embedding gap interventions within the courseware, which have demonstrated large, replicable effects in place-based classrooms.”
  • “None of the courses we reviewed truly gave students multiple options for expressing their knowledge (for example, by allowing students to upload products in the design and format of their choice, such as a sketched diagram, an audio explanation, etc.)”
  • “…timely feedback on a student’s reasoning or solution process was, uniformly across offerings, not available. Data collected by courseware still primarily focused on what answer the student provided, not the process of how they got there (the calculations involved in formulating an answer, for example).”

SRI noted that this is just the Phase I report, Phase II will do into further depth …

“use system use and outcomes data to empirically validate whether or not the features identified in Phase 1 are associated with student success.”


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