e Teach Science Foundation and AT&T Inspire Student Engagement in Math and Science

Working with Students in Underserved Communities to Improve STEM Education through Aspire Mentoring Academy

BURLINGAME, Calif. –October 18, 2012 – This week marked the launch of We Teach Science’s work with AT&T to provide Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) mentoring to at-risk students in the Berryessa School District in San Jose, California.  Through Aspire Mentoring Academy, We Teach Science and AT&T will prepare students for high school success through math and science excellence and encourage them to pursue careers in STEM – the second fastest growing occupation group in the United States.

“We are so proud to be working with AT&T on Aspire Mentoring Academy to provide STEM mentoring to the students of the Berryessa School District,” said Aragon Burlingham, Founder of We Teach Science.  “The 27 AT&T mentors will provide at-risk students in these schools with the additional support and guidance they need to succeed.”

We Teach Science and AT&T are collaborating through AT&T Aspire Mentoring Academy on this pilot that will enable employees to share math skills and its relevance to the outside world through online e-mentoring. The program is expected to expand nationally next year.

“We are excited to be teaming up with We Teach Science on this innovative approach to mentoring that will use technology to build relationships and help put students on a path to success,” said Janiece Evans-Page, Assistant Vice President – Community Engagement at AT&T. “This is just the beginning of a collaboration that is helping us re-invent student mentoring at AT&T.  This is yet another way we can ensure that the skills and knowledge of our employees are being put to the best use possible in our communities.”

To learn more about the We Teach Science Foundation, please visit, http://www.weteachscience.org/.

Aspire Mentoring Academy is the key community engagement program of AT&T’s $350 million investment in Aspire, focused on high school success leading to college and career readiness. To learn more about Aspire Mentoring Academy, please visit www.att.com/aspirementoring/.

About the We Teach Science Foundation

We Teach Science Foundation (WTSF) was founded in 2008 with the mission “to motivate, inspire and mentor American public school students to achieve excellence in the disciplines of math and science.”  We believe students’ interest and corresponding academic achievement in math and science can be dramatically improved when they work long-term with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focused mentor who has a love for the subject. We recruit, train and place engineers and scientists from the private sector as mentors for eighth grade students at local public schools. WTSF volunteer mentors come from a range of science/technology-focused industries that utilize math and science disciplines as part of their daily work.

Our core program, Algebra Remote Tutoring and Mentoring (RTM) connects San Francisco Bay Area middle school algebra students with local scientists and engineers for e-mentoring. Using a web-based, interactive whiteboard and audio connection, the RTM program (a year-long in-school and extended learning program) connects these algebra students and STEM professionals for one hour per week over the entire academic year.

We Teach Science Foundation is a publicly supported, non-endowed operating foundation.

About Community Engagement at AT&T

At AT&T, Community Engagement means engaging our employees to build strong, connected, and thriving communities where we live and do business.  Employees are focused on three key issues: improving educational outcomes, building sustainable communities and promoting the responsible use of technology.  In 2011, employees and retirees donated 6 million hours of time to community outreach activities and pledged more than $33 million for charities of their choice through the United Way/Employee Giving campaign.  Employees also committed to more than 21,000 sustainable choices through Do One Thing (DOT), which invites employees to make small, everyday choices that add up to a big positive impact for themselves, the community and/or the company.


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