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Silicon Valley Gives raises money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform, providing a simple way to connect donors to local charitable causes they care about most and encourage them to take action. Hosted by Silicon Valley Community Foundation, its mission to strengthen the common good locally. This 24-hour online fundraising effort will offer thousands of nonprofits the chance to raise millions of dollars.

This year, it is on May 3rd. We would like to close out the school year for our students by making this campaign even bigger than the last! In 2015, We Teach Science raised over $23,000 not only because of a matching from grant from NVIDIA but also because of key supporters like yourself who helped spread the word about the RTM program.

So far, it’s off to a great start. All donations have the opportunity to be matched again by NVIDIA, who is doubling the donation for the first $10,000 gifted to We Teach Science. Which means: any gifts made between now and May 3rd will go twice as far!

We Teach Science has a proven track record in creating change where the RTM program operates, as is shown in our recent efficacy reports. It can also be seen in our student stories, where you can see qualitatively how the experience of mentoring has changed both the mentor and the student. See below for one of the many ways the RTM program affects our students:

Aishanae, a 6th grader at a Oakland middle school, has always resisted doing math. It’s a subject she has struggled with all of her life, and she actively avoids it in her sessions. Luckily, she has a dedicated and patient mentor.

Knowing this, her mentor Oya has focused on mentoring in their sessions together. She did that first in order to build a trusting and supportive relationship with her student so that one day, Aishanae could face her fear of math head on. In a recent session, Oya made breakthrough. She was able to work with her student on an entire math worksheet. At the end of the session, Aishanae yelled out in a proud voice “I did it, I worked on a whole page of math problems!”

Without Oya’s commitment and compassion as a volunteer, this moment would not have happened for Aishanae. Having Oya as strong foundation of support in learning math, which was previously a source for anxiety, gave her the confidence to work through it and shine. It is moments like these that can change a student’s outlook on math and who they are in relation to it. 

You can contribute and share today to help us make an even bigger impact on Bay Area middle school and high school students. Follow the links below to read about some of our school partnerships and give directly to their campaigns:

Over 150 students at Eastside Union High School District
Over 50 students at Oakland Unified School District
Over 50 students at Berryessa Unified School District
Over 50 students at San Leandro Unified School District

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