We all instinctively know that having a mentor growing up can make a big difference our lives. Now that impact is no longer an instinct, rather it is fact-based:

A recent research survey* indicated that:

  • Youth at-risk for falling off track who had a mentor growing up are 55 percent more likely to be enrolled in college or other post-secondary education
  • They are 78 percent more likely to volunteer in their communities
  • They are 81 percent more likely to participate in extracurricular activities, and more than twice as likely to hold leadership roles in those activities

*The report was commissioned by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership with support from AT&T

“When implemented with intentionality and using quality practice, mentoring is a powerful tool in helping young people strive and thrive” David Shapiro, President and CEO, MENTOR

Yesterday, President Obama launched “My Brother’s Keeper,” a new initiative to spur cross-sector collaboration to elevate and expand efforts that support young men of color in achieving their full potential. Mentoring factored in as a critical tool in guiding these young men on their pathways to success. Read more about the initiative and please consider becoming a mentor yourself – you will make a difference!

We have openings for mentors in all of our partner schools – orientations start in March.


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