US2020 award for WTS

US2020 — together with Co-Founding Sponsors, Chevron and Tata Consultancy Services — presented the first ever STEM Mentoring Awards! The award ceremony was held at the White House complex in conjunction with the first STEM Mentoring Symposium on July 23rd, 2015.

The awards are a platform to celebrate and encourage exceptional work in the STEM mentoring field and an opportunity to build recognition for STEM mentoring as an important tool in education reform.

We Teach Science was awarded “The Excellence in Volunteer Experience Award”, recognizing US2020 education partners providing high-quality, well-supported engagements for their volunteers during a spring semester or academic year STEM mentoring program.

We Teach Science Program Coordinators are the true winners here – they provide high touch, constant support for all our mentors throughout the academic year ensuring they have all the support they need to serve their students. No wonder 70% of our mentors return to our program year-on-year!

Interested in becoming a mentor? Apply online today


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