So my 5 year old son and I spent last Sunday building his first water rocket and launcher from scratch (instructions are here and parts list here).

It took about 30 minutes to find the parts at the local OSH hardware store, scrounge some valves from a local tire shop and another hour to build the rocket and launcher.

You can see the video of the rocket launching here:



The following Tuesday, we decided to upgrade the rocket by adding a deployable nose cone with a parachute inside. We brainstormed materials for the parachute (settling on a plastic garbage bin bag – light and strong) with a neighbour friend of my sons.

What was incredible about this process was seeing the boys brainstorm (without any training) ideas for attaching the nose cone to the rocket and how to ensure the parachute deployed properly. Three ideas were presented along with pros and cons, and we selected one at the end.

You can never start too early being a rocket scientist and engineer!

Check back with us in Q2 2011 to hear how we might we taking science experiments into the RTM program.



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