Catalyst Magazine, a quarterly publication by Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship Program, just featured highlights of five Bay Area nonprofits (including We Teach Sciences RTM Program) as examples of how technology can be used to transform an educational experience.

“A combination of several elements makes WTSF’s program model unique. The remote-but-live element is one, as is the mix of mentoring and tutoring. The combination of a caring adult with someone who can explain why math is done as it is – instead of just what to do to solve the problem – is powerful. The fact that students interact with people who actively use math in their careers helps dispel the assumption that learning math isn’t useful. As Stone says, “we all know why we have to learn to read but somehow we’ve created the story that you don’t ever use math.”

Microsoft has been an outstanding partner since participating in our RTM program several years ago – we look forward to growing this program with the help of Microsoft’s exceptional volunteer mentors in the coming years.

You can read the article about We Teach Science here (PDF)



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