The We Teach Science Foundation has had the opportunity to analyze the standardized test scores of students in the years after they participate in our program.  When we look at the results from students who participated in RTM 3.0 (2011-2012 school year) and RTM 2.0 (2010-2011 school year), we find that they continue to grow relative to peers in ninth grade even though they’ve graduate from our program.  Students who retook Algebra I in ninth grade experienced a 5.4% growth relative to their peers, a bump that’s similar to the lift they receive in the program year.  Students also improved their results in science, growing by 5.9% over peers on their end-of-year science California Standards Test.  For more detailed results, click here.

We’re very excited that the fundamental skills that our mentors help students build during the program continues to facilitate their growth in math in the following years.  Next year, we hope to start working with students for two consecutive years – if students get a bump even after the program ends, how much can a mentor help when they have two whole years to work with their student?  Stay tuned!


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