Over the holidays we had a few requests for how to explore and study math/science with your kids. Here are a few thoughts…

You don’t need to set aside time to explore math and science with your kids, you can do it anywhere and anytime. Here are some examples I have with my 5 year old son:

1. Studying spider webs on a walk (we saw a spider feeling the web for vibrations from trapped flies)
2. Guess and then count the number of steps to your friends house down the street
3. How far can your bike coast down a hill – why does it eventually stop? Does it work better in the rain or on dry days? Why?
4. Check out a local residential construction project – talk about how they are building the house and what makes it strong?

Getting your children to see the world each day through an inquisitive scientific lens will make them more interested in their surroundings and what lies beneath…when they start showing interest about how things work or why something was built in a certain way, watch out because you are up and running!

Above all, make it fun!



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