My eighth grade students that participated in We Teach Science Mentor Program benefited greatly from working with a professional in the field. Students at this age make strong personal connections with their mentors. They are more engaged in learning when material has been either broken down or expanded to meet them at their level. In a class room setting curriculum cannot meet every students’ needs and interest, but with a personal mentor, students can get that individual attention and learning becomes more relevant. Students also benefit from seeing and experiencing the connection between what they are learning now and how that can apply to “real life” use, a question that arises in every eighth grade mind.

– Seva Steel, Teacher, Pacifica School District


I thought the concept of We Teach Science’s RTM was marvelous when it was first presented to me. After two years of seeing it in practice with my students, I am extremely impressed and grateful.

The program is visionary in its understanding of what education is and how technology can be used to connect young people to the real world of math/science with the guidance of a  mentor. The mentors’ professional experiences are remarkable and their commitment to educating students extended beyond one hour of weekly online tutoring to include classroom presentations, planning meetings, and bowling parties with the kids. This kind of community support reassured and invigorated me as a teacher: it takes a village to raise a child.

Furthermore, We Teach Science perceived the demands and workload of the classroom and asked for little extra time and energy from the teacher. The statistics from test scores and grades can speak for themselves, but what was really special, the program reached my students in ways I could not when teaching 32 people at once: my students who struggled were given personal attention to reinforce classroom instruction, while my bright and gifted students clearly loved the personal connection and challenges from their professional role models.

Brian Cooper, Teacher, Pacifica School District