Our Program

We Teach Science Foundation was formed in 2008 to assist K-12 Math and Science students by recruiting and training volunteers from the professional, science and engineering industries to work with them inside and outside the classroom.

The Foundation enables these professionals to mentor middle school students in Math and Science for an entire academic year. Through our web-based Remote Tutoring and Mentoring (RTM) program, using an innovative system of online white boards with integrated voice (VOIP), mentors and students meet weekly online from the convenience of their office and school without any time-consuming travel. They jointly explore the application of math in the real world, revisit classroom topics, prepare for tests and review homework and exams. Mentors also bring science into the classroom through our Scientist in the Classroom program, teaching a topic which they are passionate about.

Mentor Screening & Training

After carefully screening mentors through background checks and interviews, we perform individualized mentor/student matching based on biographies. Mentors attend a half day orientation and training session, where they learn remote mentoring best practices and meet their assigned student in person. Mentors also receive personalized coaching by math teachers.

Value Proposition

Our system of online mentoring will enhance your company’s social responsibility objectives and provide valuable public relations outreach. By allowing your employees to mentor students from their desks, we have created a flexible, efficient and cost effective way for you to encourage them to volunteer.

With your company’s support we can reach out to more students and make a bigger impact in our community. Success in Algebra is widely recognized as one of the gateways to tertiary education. We Teach Science Foundation students score significantly higher than their peers on the Algebra California Standards Test. Through mentoring of students at a young age, we can help to increase the number of high school graduates’ and subsequent enrollment into universities. Equally important, we are igniting a passion in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields to produce the next generation of scientists and engineers this country so desperately needs.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

What We Do

  • Recruit employee mentors
  • Individualized mentor-student matching
  • Screening, orientation and on-going workshops
  • Personalized mentor coaching
  • On-site training & workshops for your employees to eliminate travel *
  • Post-program report summarizing mentoring hours and outcomes *

What You Do

  • Inform your employees about our program
  • Provide space for on-site mentor training *
  • Provide financial support for our programs

* These activities are reserved for our higher levels of corporate sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship Levels

We ask our corporate sponsors to subscribe based on the number of mentors they enroll in the program.

Position Level ($1k-$10K): Position sponsors can enter up to 10 employees into our program, with full program support and a half day of training. Position sponsors will have the opportunity to display their logo in the We Teach Science webpage.

Velocity Level ($11k-$20K): Velocity sponsors enter 11 to 20 employees into our program. In addition to program support, Velocity sponsors may host an on-site training session at their company, eliminating any travel for the program. Velocity sponsors may display their logo in the We Teach Science webpage and in our social media campaigns.

Acceleration Level ($21k-$50K): Acceleration sponsors enter 21 to 50 employees into our program. In addition to program support and on-site training sessions, Acceleration sponsors will receive a customized mentoring report, detailing the impact their employees made through We Teach Science. Acceleration sponsors will be featured in the We Teach Science webpage, in our social media campaigns, and in our print media.

You can download our WTSF Corporate Sponsorship 2014 (PDF), that details the services we provide for your participation and support of the program.

Contact Us

To learn more about about our Corporate Sponsorship program, please contact Aragon Burlingham at:

We Teach Science Foundation
405 Primrose Road, Suite 200
Burlingame, CA 94010
(800) 939-1640

We Teach Science Foundation is a publicly supported, non-endowed operating foundation (i.e. not a grant making institution). The IRS has approved our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and all donations are tax deductible.

Tax ID: 26-3861047