Mentor Handbook

We Teach Science has put together a handbook for our mentors with basic information on mentoring best
practices and details about the RTM program.  Read the handbook here.

Lesson Plans

Mentors often ask us, ‘what should I do during my session?’ In response, we created a lesson plan database where mentors can add content as they develop it, and also find examples from other mentors.  We’d like all mentors to contribute to the database as often as possible.  Visit our lesson plan database.

To add your own lesson plan to the database, log on as a mentor and click “add new.”


GroupWorld Tips

Checklist for Success – this handy guide will help you get the most out of your mentoring session.

Copying and pasting into GroupWorld: (from mentors)

On windows, look for “snipping tool”. It allows you to just cut anything on the screen. Then just control-v onto the whiteboard.

If you are copying with control-c (like text itself) and then control-v, it will be differing in size.

If you use the snipping tool it will capture everything as an image and hence paste consistently.

NOTE:  You will have to delete the answers since you have the teacher’s edition with the answers.