Program Background

  • 41 student-mentor pairs participated from September 2010 through May 2011
  • 542 hours of Algebra mentoring executed over the academic year
  • 60% of students were female and 40% male
  • Students attended 80% of their available sessions

Measured Success

  • RTM participants averaged 11.5 points more growth than their peers from 7th grade Math to 8th grade Algebra
  • RTM students experienced an average growth of 1.6 points per hour of mentoring during the course of the program as measured by 8th grade CST Algebra scores.

Figure 1 below shows all of our RTM students and their peers scores for 7th grade Math and 8th grade Algebra. Note the regression line (solid purple) indicates the positive impact of the RTM program when compared to the peer students (dashed purple) from 7th to 8th grade.