Program Background

We Teach Science is an organization that connects public middle school students with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math professionals for Remote Tutoring and Mentoring sessions (RTM). The goal of the RTM program is to help students identified as being at risk of failing Algebra I to succeed through increased exposure to Algebra and individual-level attention. RTM is highly flexible in that it allows students and their mentors to connect from separate locations through the use of technology; both audio connections and a digital writing tablet allow real-time virtual communication and shared exploration of mathematical concepts.

  • 105 student-mentor pairs participated from September 2011 through May 2012 from six schools in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • 1,000+ hours of Algebra mentoring executed over the academic year
  • Mentors attended 85% of their sessions (up from 80% last year)
  • Student demographics:
  • 37 % Asian, 31% Latino, 28% percent White, 4% African American
  • 51 % male and 49% female students
  • 40% of the participants received Free or Reduced Lunch

Measured Success

We Teach Science Tutoring and Mentoring program increases the passing rate of Algebra students:

  • We Teach Science students with an average of 10 hours of mentoring over the year experienced 18 points more growth than students not in the program as measured by the Algebra I California Standards Test (CST)
  • We Teach Science students attained 1.8 points per hour growth on the Algebra I CST compared to students not in the program
  • RTM students Math CST passing rates from 7th to 8th grade increased by 57% whilst Peer students dropped by 22%

Figure 1 below shows the 7th and 8th grade passing rates for our students and their peers. RTM students passing rates from 7th to 8th grade as measured by the CST increased by 57%. The peer group, in contrast, dropped by 22%. This is a clear indication that the RTM program increases the passing rates of participating students.

Figure 2 below shows how our students have improved based on the hours of RTM they received:

Participant Feedback

  • Only one student (less than 1%) quit the program
  • 80% of RTM students rated the program good or excellent
  • 60% of RTM students reported doing better in math
  • 60% of RTM students reported their mentor showed them the importance of algebra
  • 45% of RTM students reported being more confident in math

For more information, please download our detailed program report (RTM 3.0 Final Report v3.3 WEB)